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Studies have shown that attractive landscaping can help increase the value of your home. Read and view excerpts on this on our page -The Value of Landscaping!

Adding beautiful landscaping would be like putting a beautiful frame on a picture. We would be happy to help you frame your home with landscaping that will help beautify your home and give you enjoyable pleasure.

Look around our web site and view recent projects that we have completed, see a list or our services, read and view plants that we recommend to our clients, and of course - Take time to smell the flowers!

Click Here to view Double Wedding Ceremony - 11/20/05 - Overholt/Peaster Alimowski/Overholt.

  Grass needs to be cut longer than 4 inches. Cutting the grass too short fosters weed growth, and allows sunlight to hit the roots, which tends to weak...
  Dwarf Jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum, Small-Leaf Confderate Jasmine)
  Life is bigger than just pursuing the absence of conflict; true satisfaction comes in embracing all of the mystery in life the struggles as well as the joys.

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