Pruning Sabal and/or Queen Palms
The Sabal Palm - Florida's venerable state tree - as well as Queen Palm fronds should be removed close to the trunk when they are brown or yellow on the tips. Be absolutely certain not to remove any of the green healthy fronds just to make it easier to reach dead, fruiting stalks or emerging florescence. Also be careful to avoid nicking other adjacent and healthy fronds.

Landscape Maintenance
A program of routine maintenance is crucial and indispensable in order to keep your landscaping attractive, growing and to ensure the proper health of all planted material.

Fertilizing Plants
Fertilized plants should be watered in after each application to avoid the possibility of damage or plant burning.

Pruning Shrubs
Resist the urge to prune tender plants and shrubs to the ground each fall. Hedge shears should not be used to prune shrubs.

Irrigation & Sprinklers
An underground irrigation system is highly recommended and even required with some Florida grasses. The best types of systems have separate watering areas or zones that allow you to control the quantity of water delivered to these different zones. Turf requires more water than shrub areas. Turf generally requires approximately 1" of water per week. Once shrubs are established (6 to 12 weeks) they require less water. Rain sensors help to control watering during the summer months.

Frost Protection
When frost warnings are issued or extreme cold temperatures (32 degrees or below) are forecasted, preventative steps should be taken. The first step is to be certain the plant is well-watered. In addition it is imperative to have the water off during the night. Another step to take is to cover the plants the evening of the warning, do to use plastic by any means and uncover the plants the following morning. A certain amount of die back can still be expected, but be sure to leave any damaged material until threatening weather is over.

Mulching provides not only a finished look in the landscape but more importantly mulch slows evaporation and slow the growth of weeds. Approximately two to three inches of organic mulch is highly recommended.

Grass needs to be cut longer than 4 inches. Cutting the grass too short fosters weed growth, and allows sunlight to hit the roots, which tends to weaken and thin the grass. That’s why we instruct our crews to cut no lower than 4”. Unfortunately, the “golf course” look is very hard on our residential varieties of grass!!

Pruning Flowering Shrubs
Generally speaking flowering shrubs should not be pruned until after their bloom period. If blooming is constant, pruning is best done in the spring after the first flush of blooms. Vertical growth should be pruned at a 45-degree angle. Branches should be removed flush with the trunk.

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